Solariums in Use

Helen Tredwell using a 4 Equine Products Solarium

Helen Tredwell and her fantastic horse Opportunity B using on of 4 Equine Products Solariums

Robert Whitaker winning one of our solariums after winning arena UK Grand PRIX

Robert Whitaker receiving his solarium for winning the Arena UK Grand Prix on Lacroix.

Our happy customers include:

Tony Pavitt
Duncan Inglis
David Mcphearson
Nicola Barry
Vale View Equestrian
Di Lampard
Ged Lampard
Nick Ward
John Whinnet

4 Equine Products - Solariums

"An absolute bargain!"

These solariums are fantastic and horses love them. You will save yourself so much time, they are well worth the investment.

Price: £695 inc free fitting kit


Here are just a few of our happy customers...

Equine Solarium

  • Alex Thompson
  • Dale Burnham
  • Helen Tredwell
  • Jane Pownall
  • Coldicote Farm
  • Flawborough Farm
  • Frankly International
  • Matthew Boddy
  • Edward Doyle

Equine Solarium

  • Markfield Equestrian Centre
  • Weston Lawns Equitation
  • Corrine Collins
  • Andrew Davies
  • Brandywell Stables
  • Sport Horse International
  • Giles Turner Equestrian
  • Hickstead (Chloe Bunn)